Android Phones Being Activated At 100,000 A Day

Android's continued assault on the Smartphone mainstream seems to be gathering strength every day, with more and more little pieces of information that suggest the Google got things very right when it launched its mobile OS.

Following on from earlier news that Android had overtaken iPhone in US sales Q1 2010, comes the news that 100,000 Android phones are being activated globally every day... continued performance at that level will not only carry Android past the iPhone but also RIM when shipments are tallied at the end of the year.

Next we hear that there are now 50,000 applications in the Android market - and 180,000 developers signed up. I suspect that more than a few of these have jumped ship from Apple because of the draconian restrictions placed upon them by the iTunes App Store.

Lastly we hear that Samsung has commmited to shipping 50% of its handsets (not just smartphones) on Android - as one of the three biggest handset manufacturers thats a huge commitment and one which will not just benefit Google through outselling its rivals but instead will grow the smartphone market into areas its never been before. And that's a major coup.


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