Wired Misreporting Browsing Figures?

I'm not sure whether this is deliberate or error, but Wired is reporting that Apple's iPad is now responsible for 26% of mobile browsing on their website. Only last time I checked the iPad isn't a mobile... What they should actually be reporting is a large drop in the number of users who are browsing the Wired website on mobile devices and a greater proportion of users on desktop/portable machines; of which the iPad now powers just under 1% of all Wired vistors.

There's also a stacked bar graph used to show a change in percentage - an especially poor way of expressing this sort of thing graphically. The fact that almost one in every hundred Wired visitors were packing an iPad is a statistically significant event given its relative short time on the market, yet Wired have managed to miss that completely in a bid to get a bigger number into their headline.

Wired? Whored more like...


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