Surprise: iPhone Users Wanted A Choice All Along

Apple haven't exactly been giving owners of the iPhone a huge amount of freedom about what they use on the phone - if Apple says its good then you can have it, otherwise its a no go. One of Apple's longstanding requirements is non-duplication of built-in functionality, on the grounds that users would be confused by a choice.

Well yesterday Apple eased that stipulation and made Opera Mini the first app to compete directly with a built-in Apple application. And guess what? Opera is now the most downloaded app in every App Store across the world. Seems like all those users did want a choice after all and perhaps not everyone is quite as enamoured with the built-in Safari browser as Apple and their fans will have you believe.

Opera Mini 5 is pretty much identical to the version already available on other platforms so its likely that iPhone users are starting to appreciate the huge performance enhancements that Mini's server side rendering delivers.

Its probably not going to replace Safari in most situations if truth be told, but I'm guessing that it will offer such sufficient performance gains as to give users pause for thought before they pick a browser in future.

Wonder what else Mr Jobs might be wrong about...


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