iPad Sales: Good, Bad or Somewhere Inbetween

Predictions for Apple iPad sales were variously half a million, 700,000; and over a million in the weeks leading up to launch day.

Actual sales? 300,000.

That's pretty good for a device that few will actually have a valid use for. Yet for once the hyperbole and media frenzy that Apple whipped up worked against them and the stock market failed to leap as it has in the days following other product launches.

All the same that's an impressive set of numbers for a days worth of sales, especially when you consider that a proportion of pre-orders must be for the as yet unreleased 3G version.

What will be far more telling will be its first month's performance as the early adopters complete their buying storm and Apple's target market start considering their potential purchases.

The benchmark will be the 74 days that the iPhone took to sell its first million. Somehow I think the iPad will easily best that.


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