I Think Sony-Ericsson Finally Gets It

Without doubt Sony-Ericsson has been one of the disappointments of the new digital age, failing to ever really deliver a product which managed to get it right in all areas. That's despite being at the leading edge of smartphone design and promising some quite mouth-watering devices. Products have been invariably late and half baked when they eventually arrived, a less than satisfactory combination.

Until now that is. I think that the Xperia X10 marks a change for the company and they really do get it.

Its not just the phone either, its the applications and environment that Sony-Ericsson have built around it.

The Xperia is the first Android phone which comes with a proper media sync application and one that actually does all the things that a media sync application should do for a smartphone. On the PC it's better than Windows Media Player or iTunes - making Android the leading multimedia handset on the market in what it does, how it does it and how it connects.

The software installers for Media Go and PC Companion are even on the Xperia's pre-installed memory card so that the first time you plug it in you don't need to go and download anything before loading the phone up with music.

There are plenty of other slick touches, which I'll discuss in my review, but for now I'll just say that the attention to detail in this phone far surpasses that of any previous Sony-Ericsson phone I've owned.


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