HTC Desire's GPS Confirmed As... Working OK Actually

Looks like HTC's desire to launch the errm, Desire has caused them to skimp on one or two details. Like functioning GPS for example. EDIT: Fortunately this now doesn't seem to be the case, see the bottom of this post for more details.

Yes HTC have confirmed that, for UK units at least, street level mapping is not working and its easy to see why: the GPS unit never manages to complete a connection to the satellite network.

Lets hope that HTC manages to ship a fix for this and quickly too otherwise the one phone that looked capable of wrestling with Apple's giant will be counted out almost before its in the ring.

EDIT: Looks like the source at HTC has since retracted this information and further testing with other handsets shows that for most GPS works just fine. Phew!


Barnaby said…
According to the tech support at Crazy Johns, the GPS works as soon as you set up the mobile internet. Hmm. GPS or Triangulation?

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