Does Palm Have Any Value Beyond Its Patent Portfolio?

The announcement that Palm was seeking suitors to buy it out last week came signalled an end for the company that I've been predicting since the first post on this blog.

The company is suggesting that its advanced multitasking WebOS operating system is the bait to find a new owner, but I'm not so sure.

After all Palm have hardly managed to win unswerving support from the developer community nor has it seen huge support from its user base. Anybody taking on Palm would need to factor in the investment required to win over these two groups. A big ask after spending a large chunk of money on the company itself. Made no less intimidating by the availability of Android for free and with the weight of Google behind it.

No, I think if there is a reason to buy Palm its because of its patent portfolio - and there will be an almighty scrap to secure it. On one side Google and HTC will be looking for a weapon to countersue Apple's suit; and on the other Apple will be looking for anything that can help it see off the increasing threat of Android to its ecosystem.

Interesting times ahead, for all the wrong reasons though...


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