Apple Prototype Probably Stolen

Apple have formally requested that Gizmodo return the prototype of the next generation iPhone that found its way into their hands ready for its star turn on the internet over this past weekend.

What is looking increasingly worrying for Gizmodo - and to a lesser extent Apple - is that it looks like the phone wasn't lost or dropped but stolen by some nefarious yob and found its way into Gizmodo's hands after a small consideration of $5000 travelled the other way.

That's set a dangerous precedent, in effect signalling to the underworld that Apple's prototypes are highly valuable and relatively easy to resell. No Apple engineer will be safe to walk the streets again.

EDIT: Gizmodo have now published full details of how they came by the Apple prototype device and I'm happy to say that there doesn't appear to have been any hint of a theft involved in the process.


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