3D TV Good But Not Right

Had my first taste of a home TV with 3D this weekend and it was a highly variable experience to say the least. The Active glasses are quite big and frankly make you look a complete pillock. Fair enough you're likely to be using it in your own home but frankly any technology which makes you look this stupid is liable to draw howls of derision from other family members.

On the plus side 3D works really well with stills and slow pans - its as if you are looking into a box containing the elements of the picture rather than a flat screen. There was definitely a feeling that the room was moving rather than the image on the TV - which was a good thing (I think, others found it made them queasy) and could make for some impressive features in, say, wildlife programs or travel features.

For faster action though the illusion soon fell apart. In fact the over-riding impression I left with was of an horrendous flickery mess, mostly because that's what happens to the picture as soon as any picture element starts to move across the screen. As a result I'm struggling to see who would want to be forking out the ransom money levels of cash required to put a 3D TV in their living room.

I'm sure its a technology that will mature by I can't honestly see the future being full of families sitting around looking daft just to have some contrived movie plot element poke them in the face as it jumps off the screen...


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