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Showing posts from December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas

Its that time of year again when we celebrate the hard work of the year gone by and kick back and spend some time with our loved ones. Whatever and wherever you'll be celebrating I wish you well and hope that you prosper in the New Year.

Microsoft Security Essentials King Of Free AV

MSE has always had a pretty good reputation for its anti-virus, spyware and malware handling, especially considering that it won't cost you a bean. Now independent testing has rated it as the best performing and lowest system impacting free product on the market - even besting some big name paid for products in the process. is an independent site which regularly checks performance of products in the protection genre. Its their stamp of approval which has marked MSE out as the outstanding product of its type, so before you go out and pay for something which may not work as well its probably worth checking out Microsoft's freebie.

January Launch For iPhone HD?

Apple is going to be showing its next iteration of the iPhone in January and whilst speculation runs rife over what it will actually be, reading between the lines of the snippets of information coming through from sources who have been reliable in the past it is possible to take a guess at what is coming down the line.

Is the new iPhone going to be a larger, tablet-style device? Probably not, although I'm sure that Apple will deliver a tablet device with a 7-10" screen sometime during 2010. Whether it will be a full Mac or iPhone based remains to be seen. The former would be difficult to achieve without the use of a stylus and the latter would be effectively be a super-iPod Touch.

I think the focus for the iPhone in 2010 will be Hi-Def. That means a much higher resolution screen (at least the equal of the 800x480 screens that other platforms currently boast), a higher resolution camera and HD video recording. This ties in with Apple's alleged contracts with component suppli…

Time Stands Still For The Acer Timeline

Not ready to give a full update on the new laptop yet, but had to pass on the news of incredible battery performance of this machine. A full charge appears to deliver 10-12 hours of usable working life - that's with Wifi enabled and real world usage. That's using the standard power management settings with just the screen backlight turned down to minimum.

Otherwise the Acer sports a impressive screen and frankly brilliant keyboard. The Trackpad could be a touch bigger for my liking, but given the physical constraints dictated by the size of the battery, keyboard and overall machine it would have been the component I'd have chosen to compromise on too.

Windows 7 is a mighty impressive upgrade too by the way...

F1: Schumacher Deal Done BBC Reports

The BBC is reporting that Michael Schumacher has put pen to paper and will be a Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix driver for the next two years at least. I really can't fathom the reasons behind this return, other than life is so boring away from the circuit that he's willing to risk all to return.

I guess the repeated spills from motorbikes that have plagued his hobby career have probably persuaded his family that life in a Grand Prix car is much less risky.

And whilst he has obviously prepared physically for the challenge of his return I wonder how his mental state is. After all Schumi has never been matched in a Grand Prix car before never mind bested. If Rosberg were to see him off in the early part of next season how will that affect his desire to keep racing, I wonder?

Eurostar: Technical Problems Or Business Failures

Eurostar's cross channel service hit the blocks last weekend, thanks to a technical problem which brought five trains grinding to a halt in the Channel Tunnel, stranding passengers for up to fifteen hours.

The service has now been unavailable for three days, with a likelihood that only a limited service will run tomorrow.

Now anybody with any business sense will tell you that the mark of a great company is how it reacts when things go wrong. Eurostar have failed badly by that measure, apparently struck by the sort of organisational paralysis which typified British Rail.

Aside from the initial evacuation problems, Eurostar have had the problem of ensuring continued running its passenger service - and failed badly. There are so many ways that the company could have run a service for its customers whilst examining its technical issues that to have failed to implement any is laughable.

Personally I'd have ensured rescue locomotives were available at either end of the tunnel and offere…

iPhone Lands At Vodafone Jan 14

So having missed out on the original iPhone exclusivity deal thanks to a massive last minute bid from O2, Vodafone will finally be able to start selling the iPhone from the middle of January. Pricing doesn't seem to be breaking any boundaries here, in the same way that both Orange and Tesco Mobile didn't with their iPhone launches. Forget any hopes of a price war, at least until the new iPhone arrives and the networks need to clear old stock.

With Apple expected to launch a new iPhone in Q1 of 2010 I'm left to wonder how open the new iPhone deals are: will the new phone be available across the networks or is their another exclusivity deal looming?

Marks & Spencer Does Netbooks - Badly

Got no idea about technology and happy to take something on the basis that a big brand has put its name to it? Marks and Spencer would like to hear from you (and I'd like to know which strange path brought you to this blog).

M&S is going to be putting its name to a Elonex-sourced netbook sporting some pretty average specs and some pretty shocking colour schemes. For £279 these don't look like the sort of things that you'll be wanting to pop into your trolley with your mince pies and M&S underwear.

The link to Elonex is pretty amusing really - when I worked for the original company (rather than the current shell trading with its name) we used to take great trouble to deliver some incredible portable computers, eventually rebadging some rather nice Acer and Asus hardware. Presumably the road from OEM to Elonex to M&S is slightly less straightforward...