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F1: Button The Target Of Ridiculous Criticism

Martin Brundle, amongst others, is claiming that Jensen Button needs to put in a 'Champions' drive before the end of the season to be considered a worthy champion.

What utter nonsense.

Should Button clinch the title (which I'm sure will happen) he'll be a worthy champion by virtue of his season long performance. Lest we forget that season already includes six wins and points finishes at every race bar Spa, where he was eliminated as the innocent party in a first lap accident. Those six wins were part of an imperious start to the season where he left everyone, including his teammate, standing. If the later races have been unspectacular then the consistent racking up of points in the face of improving opposition has been solid and sensible.

With just five points required from the last two races its entirely possible that Jensen could cruise to the title even if his opponent deliver perfect scores. That will not detract from the result in any way. Do we percieve Rosberg or …

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5, Marketplace And MyPhone Launch

Today marks the start of a busy launch schedule over the month of October.

Microsoft's launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 hasn't really set the world alight though - Microsoft just doesn't have the sex appeal of Apple and Google.

There's a small selection of handsets available today and an even smaller selection of 6.1 handsets that will get an upgrade.

On the other hand MyPhone has come out of beta and looks the business - pretty much free it makes Apple's MobileMe look a bit amateur hour. The only chargeable parts of the service are the remote tools: locate and wipe. At a one of charge of arourd £4 it makes MobileMe's annual fee look positively outrageous.

Finally the Microsoft Marketplace has launched and looks like a good solid base to build an appstore. Installing applications is as straightforward a pass as its possible to be and there's a good variety of software even if there aren't a huge number of apps.

All in all this seems a good selection of upgr…

Palm Fixes iTunes Syncs, Waits For Apple's Next Move

Two updates in a week from Palm, the first WebOS 1.2 quickly followed by 1.2.1 the main purpose of which is to leapfrog Apple's iTunes lockout and re-enable Pre to iTunes sync.

With recent decision of the USB-IF to back Apple's interpretation of USB usage Palm has now stepped into the area of risk, with the Pre now blatantly telling iTunes that it is an iPod when in media sync mode. Potentially Palm could lose the right to claim USB compatibility and use the USB logo. Not the harshest of punishments I'm sure you'd agree.

As I've said before, Apple's continued war on Palm and the Pre is likely to bring the US equivalent of the Monopolies Commission down on them like a ton of bricks by virtue of their almost unchallenged domination of music downloads. A domination which looks suspiciously like its being used to restrict buyers choice of MP3 player...

Riccardo Scares His Wife

Riccardo Patrese is one of the true greats of F1, not a champion, but nonetheless with much to show for one of the longest careers in the sport. This video post-dates his retirement and shows Riccardo ferrying his wife Susie around a track in an indeterminate Honda. I'll leave you to guess how that turns out, but if you know any Italian you'll certainly pick up on plenty of swearing... Had me in stitches though...