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Showing posts from August 9, 2009

In Defence Of The NHS

I tried to justify not writing this post - its hardly relevant to this blog's usual content, after all - but in the end my conscience wouldn't allow me to stay silent.

Barack Obama's healthcare reform plans have caused some of America's right wing politicians to attack the NHS as it appears to be the model that he wishes to emulate. And whilst I have no interest in what Healthcare system eventually prevails on the other side of the pond (America will get the healthcare system America deserves) these attacks have been based on so much misinformation, blatant deceit and manipulation that the British population has been spurred into action to defend its record. Anyone who knows the British population will tell you what a incredibly rare thing that is... For several days now #welovetheNHS has been a trending topic on Twitter as people report their experiences and gratitude for the service.

Its understandable that people in other countries find the NHS confusing, especially t…

Office Mobile For Symbian Further Dilutes Windows Mobile

So Nokia and Microsoft have announced that Office Mobile will arrive on Symbian, bringing a number of key enterprise benefits to the platform, most notably Sharepoint integration for mobile users.

Tied to the freely available Exchange Activesync support it means that two of Windows Mobile's key advantages have been sold out from under it. Clearly Microsoft have a bigger need to own the enterprise space than the mobile one.

I suspect that this amounts to a fatal blow to Windows Mobile as we know it today, future versions are likely to be much closer to the Zune HD than the smartphones we know now. The Toshiba TG01 seems to heading down that road already.

Maybe its time to jump ship. Good thing the Pre isn't too far away and Android is starting to offer the sort of choice that was reserved for Windows Mobile users previously.

What Are Microsoft & Nokia Planning?

Here's something bizarre, Microsoft and Nokia are planning a joint press conference for tomorrow, begging the question what can have happened to bring these two to the table together?

A Nokia phone running Windows Mobile seems inconcievable, Microsoft buying into open source projects like Maemo and Symbian is completely out of character and that leaves us with some kind of push email announcement (unlikely given Symbian's historic Activesync support) or an Atom powered Netbook, according to Engadget anyway...

I'd like to think that a press event of this magnitude heralds some rather more interesting though... Something out of left field which will catch the competition cold would be very nice...

F1: Go Luca Go

Looks like the demands of modern Grand Prix cars were just too much for the injured neck of Michael Schumacher and as a result Luca Badoer will make his Ferrari debut, just a few months short of a decade since his last race.

Now if anyone deserves a bit of luck its Luca, who's never scored a Championship point before having been mired in back of the grid teams all through his career. The European Grand Prix of 1999 marked the high and low points of his career to date. Guiding an outclassed Minardi to the point of a podium finish only for it to fail within sight of the flag must have been heartbreaking.

I can't imagine we'll see anything mindblowing but it would be nice to see some points against the name of Badoer...

Dell Smartphone Imminent - For China Anyway

Seems like Engadget have uncovered details of Dell's upcoming smartphone on Chinese website Netease. Its an Ophone powered device (and therefore unlikely to appear outside of China) but it is a sign that Dell now feels ready to dabble in the piranha filled smartphone water.

Will this mean a return of the Axim line to the European market? I suspect not. Unless Dell can come up with something completely amazing running on Android or Windows Mobile they aren't going make any return on their efforts - especially with established smartphone names like HTC and Nokia pushing the bar ever higher in their battle to unseat the iPhone. HP's struggles should nicely signpost the problems that Dell would have with developing a name in the marketplace.

Building yet another 'average' phone is just not going to be worth Dell's trouble.