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Showing posts from April 5, 2009

Storm 2 To Fix Inadequacies

RIM launched the Storm in a blaze of hype last year, promising what should have been the iPhone's first real competitor, only to post a massive fail, with almost universal dislike for its 'click' screen, lack of Wifi and general speed.

Having taken a bit of a beating RIM are looking to have a second shot at the touchscreen game and it seems like we may see most of those issues fixed.

Lets hope that Vodafone offer existing Storm users a beneficial upgrade program in the same way that O2 did with original iPhone owners.

Toshiba Doesn't Get Handheld Devices

The current generation of Toshiba handhelds marks part of the company's second assault on the portable market - and, so far, this one looks as successful as the first i.e. not very...

For example Expansys are now selling the G810 for £169 and the G910 for £199 - astonishing when you consider the specs of the latter, I imagine it will be sometime before you see another WVGA device under £200.

Why is it so cheap? I'm guessing that a number of oddities in the design which have been raised in the few reviews out there, added to the spectacular problems its predecessor suffered haven't helped.

Ultimately, though, the strongest impression I get from Toshiba's latest range is that no-one in the company actually uses their own smartphones.

Which brings us to the TG01, a smartphone so sexy that I'm sure everyone will want one. I just hope Toshiba have got hundreds of these in use around the company and is actively chasing feedback, because another failure would probably mean th…

PSP Headed For Third Place In Mobile Gaming

Given Sony's past crimes against consumers its hard to have any sympathy for them, but its interesting to see how deluded the powers that be in company are. A thinly veiled attack on Nintendo, timed to match the release of the DSi slates Nintendo for failing to address the needs of hardcore gamers in the same way as the PSP.

This seems a bit rich if you consider that DS sales are 200% those of the PSP.

Sony should be rather more concerned by being flattened by the iPhone express. With combined sales of 30m the iPhone and iPod Touch will likely pass the PSP for second place in the mobile gaming market before Christmas at which point you have to wonder how many publishers are going to abandon the platform.

Given the similar problems that Sony faces with its PS3 being beaten by the Wii and Xbox 360, not to mention the complete destruction of its Walkman media players by the iPod, I can't help but wondering how long Sony can continue to compete in these marketplaces before losses bec…