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Button Injured In Horrific F1 Accident

Picture here.

Toshiba Doesn't Get Handheld Devices

The current generation of Toshiba handhelds marks part of the company's second assault on the portable market - and, so far, this one looks as successful as the first i.e. not very...

For example Expansys are now selling the G810 for £169 and the G910 for £199 - astonishing when you consider the specs of the latter, I imagine it will be sometime before you see another WVGA device under £200.

Why is it so cheap? I'm guessing that a number of oddities in the design which have been raised in the few reviews out there, added to the spectacular problems its predecessor suffered haven't helped.

Ultimately, though, the strongest impression I get from Toshiba's latest range is that no-one in the company actually uses their own smartphones.

Which brings us to the TG01, a smartphone so sexy that I'm sure everyone will want one. I just hope Toshiba have got hundreds of these in use around the company and is actively chasing feedback, because another failure would probably mean th…

PSP Headed For Third Place In Mobile Gaming

Given Sony's past crimes against consumers its hard to have any sympathy for them, but its interesting to see how deluded the powers that be in company are. A thinly veiled attack on Nintendo, timed to match the release of the DSi slates Nintendo for failing to address the needs of hardcore gamers in the same way as the PSP.

This seems a bit rich if you consider that DS sales are 200% those of the PSP.

Sony should be rather more concerned by being flattened by the iPhone express. With combined sales of 30m the iPhone and iPod Touch will likely pass the PSP for second place in the mobile gaming market before Christmas at which point you have to wonder how many publishers are going to abandon the platform.

Given the similar problems that Sony faces with its PS3 being beaten by the Wii and Xbox 360, not to mention the complete destruction of its Walkman media players by the iPod, I can't help but wondering how long Sony can continue to compete in these marketplaces before losses bec…

Samsung Mondi Channels The Spirit Of Nokia N810W

Windows Mobile aside, this new device from Samsung seems to be a complete rip of the Nokia N810W - the WiMax version of the Internet Tablet. Even for those who won't be able to make use of the WiMax (pretty much everyone really) its still a pretty impressive piece of kit, sporting Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, a 4.3 inch screen, qwerty keyboard, 3.0Mpixel camera and 4GB of storage.

Will we see it Europe? Maybe not, but we can hope. It would be nice if the WiMax module was replaced with a HSUPA module for Europe too - making this a pretty promising competitor to the HTC Touch Pro 2...

Palm Shows Emulator

Palm used some of its time at CTIA to show a third party emulator for Garnet running within WebOS. It seems to work quite well - although that shouldn't be too much of a surprise given that Access have been running its own emulator on Nokia's similarly Linux based Maemo platform for over a year now.

The bigger question is whether an emulator is really required. Having initially thought so I I've changed my mind - the Pre's capacitive touchscreen doesn't really support the precision stylus driven interface of the old OS and save for a few specialist applications I don't think there's going to be huge demand for the older OS anyway.

I'm glad that emulation is going to be available but I think Palm made the right decision in leaving it out of the core OS.

Refreshed Windows Mobile Live Client - But Nothing's New?

There's been a big reception to the new Windows Live for Windows Mobile - in fact if you were to read the reactions in some places you'd think it had never existed before. Which is bizarre as it appears to be exactly the same version that I have been using for ages.
I even installed it onto my old Vario II to see if it was any different to the version installed on my XDA Zest and as far as I can tell the only change is a bump in version number from 10.6.0039.1300 to 10.6.0046.0800. Maybe there's been some background tidying up...
If anyone manages to find anything new in the 'new' client I'd be interested to hear from them...

Fair Play For Creators Don't Get It Either

It appears that founders of the Fair Play for Creators don't understand the new digital economy in almost exactly the same way that the rest of the music industry didn't get any other part of the 21st Century.

Following the decision by YouTube to pull music videos from its UK website after failing to agree a price for the content, Billy Bragg, Robin Gibb and Pete Waterman have called on Google to re-instate the videos and start paying the asking price for them.

Sorry guys, but it doesn't work that way any more. Your content is now worth exactly what someone will pay for it, which in this case doesn't amount to very much at all. If you think it can work any differently I suggest that you either partner with someone else or build your own website and sell video streaming from there.

Google has made you an offer that its finances support and the recent removal of the videos from YouTube shows very much that you need Google far more than they need you.

Time to put up or shut…

Palm Pre Looks Better And Better

I've just seen a new demo of the upcoming Palm Pre, including some multi-tasking and background applications and I have to say it just keeps looking more and more impressive.

Which makes it all the more frustrating that we're still waiting for a release date (or any firm news about a GSM release at all).

It really does seem like Palm have got something which will give Apple, Microsoft and Google a real run for their money.

Comscore iPhone UK Usage Report

Here's some interesting metrics gained from the iPhone usage survey published by Comscore; and one interesting anomaly, which shows how hard it is to really judge the smartphone market and its trends.
75% of iPhone owners use mobile email on their device. Now that seems like a remarkable low figure for a smartphone - especially considering the effort that Apple has made to ensure that everybody can get access to email relatively easily on the iPhone.
80% of iPhone users have browsed the web. Again that seems an incredibly low number given that all iPhone contracts (pre- or post-paid) include a cost element for unlimited internet browsing. Do those users even know this and more importantly do they know that they're paying for something they don't use. You can't even blame O2 here, you could hardly say they've hidden the unlimited data feature.
75% of iPhone owners are male - as against 65% for the rest of the smartphone market. Making it more acceptable to own a smart…

Snap! New Windows Mobile Standard Phone From HTC

Windows Mobile has one largely un-mentioned feature which places it ahead of the other platforms, especially for corporate buyers: choice.

The launch of the new HTC Snap highlights this, being a qwerty keyboard non-touchscreen phone and arriving when everyone else is concentrating on the joys of touch. Looking like a true successor to the Excalibur (aka S620 or Dash) this is a powerful, well-specified handset that makes a virtue of its touch-free experience. If its as good as the Excalibur then HTC are going to have a winner on their hands - as anyone who has owned one will tell you, the Excalibur was one of the best phones ever produced irrespective of OS.

In terms of form factor Windows Mobile offers touchscreen phones with no keyboard, a front mounted keyboard and a keyboard which slides out from behind the screen; or non-touchscreen phones with a T9 keyboard, phones with a front mounted qwerty keyboard, with vertically sliding hidden keyboard or with a sideways sliding hidden keybo…