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Vaio P Unboxed

Akihabara News has some Sony Vaio P unboxing pictures which can be found here and I'll draw your attention to the picture where the P is being handled... notice the difference in scale when compared with previous shots - almost as if Sony built an 80% scale model just to con potential customers and get some extra CES column inches.

Its a dubious practice but it certainly worked, but for the Palm Pre Sony would have walked away with the best of show award.

O2 Brings Advantage To Education

Which frankly begs the question why? The Advantage has a horrible keyboard and is a very, very expensive device; so why would you (or an education authority) buy one of these instead a perfectly serviceable ' netbook'?

I suspect that O2 have picked these up at a very good price - I can't imagine that HTC are seeing these flying out the door - although the leaked roadmap of future devices does include yet another update to the Athena. So perhaps bought in bulk and with O2's subsidy these might not have the price disadvantage that would otherwise exist - still doesn't seem like this would make a very sensible purchase.

What irks me is that the fundamentally flawed Athena platform gets repeatedly updated whilst the far superior Universal appears to have been left to die.

What The Fu... Iggy Pop, Car Insurance?

Iggy Pop is advertising insurance on British TV, as is Alice Cooper. I'd make some cutting 'Hope I Die Before I Get Old' type My Generation comment but a certain Mr Daltrey beat them to it. And I'm not even going to mention John Lydon...

I mean there are sellouts and there are sellouts and this is the great rock and roll sellout. Sheesh...

Michael Mace On New Palm And The Pre

Here's a typical Michael Mace blog post, considered, articulate and founded on solid industry roots.It gives a very good indication of the impact of the Pre on Palm and the smartphone market; what risks Palm faces, where the competition stands and how Palm has changed. I do wonder though, now that we've seen what Palm, RIM, Apple and Google have on the table whether Windows Mobile isn't being written off prematurely? After all Michael makes the point himself - the tech community writes off a platform long before the world at large.
I like the idea of Microsoft as the underdog - but sales figures probably still show Windows Mobile as a strong contender. Of course without figures for the holiday period its hard to say whose market shone is doing what. Being a more business focused device than all but RIM will probably mean WM devices don't show especially well, but come end of the financial year in March there will probably be some adjustment.

I hope Microsoft are working …

No Google Isn't Killing The World

As you've probably seen in various places over the last couple of days, The Times is reporting a study which suggests that a search on Google produces 7g of CO2, or about half as much as is required to boil a kettle. Now, I'm not going to go into a huge study on just how many servers service the request and routers shunt the traffic backwards and forwards, but a basic look at the technology behind the search will tell you those numbers are a whole magnitude out.
The average Google search takes less than a quarter of a second. The generation of 1KW/h of electricity from a power station averages to about 700g (taking Gas, Coal and Oil powered power stations into consideration, the use of Nuclear or Renewable sources would reduce this).
To put this into context the quarter of a second that your Google search runs consumes 0.05g CO2 to generate 1KW of electricity, so to generate the 7g of CO2 your search would need to run on devices with a combined power consumption of 144KW/h. L…

Sony's Distorted Reality

The Sony Vaio P and the Palm Pre were without a doubt the two most newsworthy launches of CES 2009, so I make no apologies if there have been a lot of P related posts recently. Here's another I'm afraid.
These images are from Sony's Vaio P launch and website, notice anything strange about them? How about the fact that the person in the image has just managed to fit a 4.7" wide device into their back pocket. Not impressed with that? Why not measure your back pocket, do it now I'll wait while you find a ruler - you may want to get some help for an accurate measurement, although if you do the middle of the office probably isn't the place to get caught doing it (I suppose being caught in private could be even worse!)
Done? Well the back pocket of my suit pants measure 4.5", my jeans a little smaller. So how big is the backside on this lass to fit 4.7" of Vaio P into her pocket? Perhaps these are specially made for Sony Japan jeans with 5+" pockets..…