F1: Machiavelli Alive And Plotting

A very small piece apended to the reports of some Belgian Grand Prix happenings was the news that the FIA are investigating claims of a suspicious nature relating to a previous event.

It looks like that is that Singapore night race of last season, where Brazilian TV station Globo is reporting Nelson Piquet Jr. was ordered to crash and bring out the safety car at the moment that best suited team mate Fernando Alonso's strategy. Alonso went on to win.

If this is true it has serious implications - the timing of the safety car had major impacts for a number of drivers - Massa could justifiably claim that the pitstop chaos cost him the championship, whilst others will point to seriously affected races - Raikonen, Kubica and others.

Can the FIA change the result retrospectively? Yes but that would only mean handing the race to another driver who benefited from the safety car that resulted. Declaring the race void was also change the destination of the driver's title so can't happen.

Which probably means sanctions against the Renault team - a World Championship expulsion even. Which looks like very bad news for everyone employed at Enstone.

Let's hope that the story is just newspaper huffing and puffing and has no substance, otherwise the Anglo-French could be staring down the barrels of the FIA's legislative shotgun - and I suspect that Max would really enjoy pulling the trigger as a parting shot to FOTA...


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