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UMPC - Still Looking For The Killer Device

Origami remains something of a failure for Intel, having been bypassed by the netbook craze and still having no really well defined market niche, the thing seems to have gone a bit flat.

Other than Samsung, who were onboard the Origami project from day one, there's not been a huge interest from manufacturers - no HP or Dell player in this market.

There are many reasons why this is the case. Firstly the original pricing target was well missed, then the devices turned out to be bigger, less powerful and more power hungry then the pre-launch hype had suggested. Another issue which affects all the players has been vectoring -where your hand rests on the screen when writing and registers as a line - which plays havoc with handwriting recognition.

New devices from motherboard specialist Gigabyte are on their way and its possible that one of these could be the poster boy that the UMPC sector needs.

Although I'm guessing probably not...

New Blackberry Not Going Down A Storm

As reviews of the Storm start to trickle out its clear that RIM have seriously missed the mark with this one.

Intended as a iPhone competitor the Storm starts badly with its missing Wifi component and then, by virtue of its 'clickable' touchscreen manages to lose the interest of even the most ambitious smartphone addict.

The most appropriate comment appears to be - why did they release this before it was ready?

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Can The Touch HD Restore Windows Mobile's Credibility?

Windows Mobile moves to a new level of competition with the release of the Touch HD, HTC's response to the iPhone and Blackberry Storm. This looks like a real gamechanger and a real challenge to the iPhone's dominance, delivering on the promise originally made by the Touch Diamond around a year ago.

The HD features a WVGA screen of 3.8" diagonal: that's 800x480 against the iPhone's 3.5" 480x320. Paired with HTC's TouchFlo interface this works very well indeed and the extra RAM and CPU horsepower mean that it works without the delays that spoiled the Diamond experience.

One of my first comments on seeing the iPhone was 'they'll never get Windows Mobile to work this well'

First experience of the Touch HD suggests that this is no longer the case.

Evernote - Please Fix These Bugs

I love the concept of Evernote - an application for capturing and storing handwritten notes and making them searchable and available anywhere you have a web connection on pretty much any device.

However the Windows Mobile client suffers from a major bug, one that makes the client practically unusable for note creation. The handwriting is continually interrupted by the contextual menu 'circle' which completely screws up the text on screen. Its present on every Windows Mobile device I've tried to a greater or lesser extent. The HTC Advantage, possibly the best candidate for this type of use, suffers from this terribly, as well as a secondary bug that stops it waking from sleep when Evernote is running.

Finally the most recent update for the Windows version introduces (on my OQO at least) corruption around the pen cursor, which is really distracting in use.

Evernote strikes me as potentially a better note-taking platform than OneNote, Microsoft's competition. But stabilty is…