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Showing posts from October 19, 2008

ALP Arrives - Too Little, Too Late!

Access has released details of ALP 3.0 and ALP Mini, it's new Smartphone and Featurephone operating systems.

Only the former has support for Garnet applications, which should give ALP a head start over Android (in theory anyway) thanks to it's greater application pool.

The theory is great of course but whilst there aren't any ALP powered phones available Google, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and iPhone platforms are racing off into the distance.

Which beggars the question, where will that leave Palm and it's terminally delayed Nova platform?

App Store: 200 million and counting

102 days from launch and the App Store has served 200 million downloads to iPhone owners. That's some achievement and tacked onto news of Apple's iPhone sales makes good reading for software publishers who have chosen the iPhone route.

I'm not entirely sure what the ratio of paid to free apps is, but going on my ratio of about 1 to 4 that would suggest application sales (as opposed to downloads) of around 40 million. Probably accounting for more sales than all other mobile platforms have achieved in the whole lifetime of the mobile market.

Google, Blackberry, Nokia and Microsoft are all planning on copying the App Store model for software distribution. Somehow I doubt they'll do quite so well...

iPhone: 6.9 Million Sold In Last Quarter

Now I'm guessing these figures are slightly skewed by the pent-up demand for the iPhone ahead of its launch but, nonetheless Apple's quarterly report made stunning reading for the mobile phone industry. 6.9 million iPhones were shipped in that quarter, meaning that Apple hit its 10 million target for 2008 well ahead of schedule, outsold RIM by more than 12% and claimed third place in the mobile phone market behind Nokia and Samsung.

For a computer company that's a remarkable achievement. Especially given the lukewarm welcome its competitors gave it on launch. Many non-iPhone websites are still unable to get away from their anti-iPhone fixation.

Its likely that sales will tail off this quarter, especially given the global uncertainty around finance. But with the iPhone available in more countries and the holiday season on its way, I'm guessing the next quarter's figures will turn out to be a pleasant surprise for Apple investors as well...

RIM Please Build A Mute Switch

Aaargh. After a busy week in meetings I'm on the point of throttling the next Blackberry user whose message notification causes an interruption.

Its as if these guys still think that it's a badge of importance. It's not. It's a sign of utter stupidity and disrespect for the other attendees of your meeting.

Palm users can do it, Windows Mobile users can do it and even iPhone users can do it.

So if you have a Blackberry learn how to mute it when you're in a meeting. Because no-one else is impressed. Get it?