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iPhone 3G, WPA-TKIP And PEAP

Ever tried to get a Windows Mobile device on to a really secure Wireless network? I'm not talking about your home network here, I'm talking about a network secured with a Radius server, PEAP, certificates, 802.1X and TKIP.

Its a less than pleasant experience. First you manually have to install the certificates, which means exporting them from the CA to files and then getting them onto the device, easy enough if you're a system admin... less easy for Joe User. Once the certificate is installed you can them enable Wifi and login to confirm authentication. And then randomly have to re-login to the same network depending on what you have connected to in the meantime.

And on the iPhone? Turn on wireless, enter your login details, accept the certificate and then just use it as necessary.

Just a bit easier...

App Store: 25 Million Downloads And Counting

The iTunes App Store is looking every bit the success I suggested last week, with Apple confirming 25 million downloads less than two weeks since it's launch.

The number of apps has nearly doubled too, from 500 at launch to over 900 today. Which suggests that more and more developers are seeing the potential is the platform - and are probably deserting other less successful platforms at the same time.

App Store As Big A Success As iPhone

I'm waiting to see what figures Apple eventually decides to release, but I'm willing to bet that the iTunes App Store has been a runaway success. Everyone I've spoken to who has either first or second gen iPhones or an iPod Touch with the new software has bought at least one paid application from the store.

Which I'm guessing will compare very favourably to the less than 20% of other smartphone users who have paid for applications for the phone.

The upshot of this is almost certainly going to be a huge surge in developers switching platforms. Why not? After all Apple's terms are a lot better than Handango's for the developer; the whole buying process for the consumer is easy and painless, which practically guarantees they'll buy more and finally the whole selling process is handled by Apple which makes life easy for the developer too.

The Internet's Worst Article?

There is some junk published on the internet, but generally its easily identified and ignored. But what about when that junk appears on a respected website like techrepublic? John Sheesley's article 'Is $38,000 too much for an iPhone?' on that very site reaches a level of mediocrity that astounds, being inaccurate, uses bad maths and being based on a completely invalid postulate.

To sum up the article (to which I refuse to link) Sheesley says that if you took the $4000ish an iPhone and totally unlimited contract would costs over two years and put it in stocks it would be worth $38,000 in thirty years time. Further he then says if you were to pay the $149/month for the At&T service into a savings account for thirty years then it would be worth $205,000 at the end of the third decade.

What utter tosh! Who is going to sign-up to a contract and then run it for thirty years? And is anyone expecting the iPhones themselves to last more than two or three? This claim is the more …

iPhone Sells A Million In Three Days

Despite selling out in most outlets within a few hours the iPhone 3G still managed to sell more than a million units in its first weekend. Which shows how much preparation Apple had put into this Worldwide launch.

With most analysts predicting that mobile phone purchases will be one thing that suffers badly during the current credit crunch and Apple's recent reputation for being able to buck downward market trends that's got to have the bean counters at Nokia, HTC and RIM quaking in their boots.