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Time To Dump Virgin Media

When you signed up for your broadband service did you agree to the service blackmailing web businesses and sites on your behalf? No, I didn't think so, but new Virgin Media boss Neil Berkett is quoted in the Royal Television Society’s Television magazine as saying “This net neutrality thing is a load of bollocks”

He then reportedly threatened public broadcasters like the BBC that if they don’t pay a premium to gain faster access to Virgin Media’s customers, their service would be put into “bus lanes”

I'm sure that Virgin aren't the only ISP performing this 'service' on behalf of their customers, but I think its the most brazen example. I suggest its time that the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and other content providers disclosed which ISPs have bee taking this line so that we, the buying public can avoid them in future.

Palm Troubles Increasing, 2009 Looking A Long Way Off

I almost let this one slip by, on the grounds that there's little good to say about Palm these days, so why kick them whilst they're down?But this particular piece of news is so bad I couldn't really not comment. Against a predicted Q3 loss of $14m Palm has now had to revise its reported figures to show a disconcerting $57m loss - prompting analysts from two independent brokers to suggest that the company isn't long for this world.Hopes of a takeover seem remote, after all the company is a sitting target until its new Linux devices arrive, more so because its product line (750W excepted) is so badly behind the times. Why pay money to buy Palm when you can eat their lunch for free? So it all hinges on Palm Linux, a product which won't give them a marketable producy for 18 months.Seems an awful long time to be sitting on the rifle range with a target painted ob your shirt to me...

Microsoft Gives Yahoo Three Weeks To Comply

There's a stink of resentment rising from Microsoft around its proposed bid for Yahoo, centred around the latter's obvious reluctance to play ball and cozy up to the deal. Yahoo's board believes the bid undervalues the company, yet as Microsoft rightly points out the bid is some 42% above Yahoo's pre-bid trading price, suggesting the offer is not so bad at all.Rupert Murdoch's News International is rumoured to be in on the deal too, alleged acquiring a chunk of the potential new company in exchange for a cash injection.But Microsoft appear to have had enough of the complex courtship ritual and has given the Yahoo board three weeks to comply with its offer or otherwise find its Redmond based suitor courting shareholders directly.Time to drop the pretence guys, Yahoo's value is heading South and quick under the onslaught of a dominant Google. Microsoft is the only sensible way forward - and even then you have to wonder if Microsoft are really getting a good deal …

iPhone Price Drop, Sales Figures Point To Imminent 3G Release

T-Mobile has announced a significant price drop for the 8Gb iPhone, for which it has exclusive distribution rights in Germany. The formerly €399 device will now sell for €99, a mammals 75% drop in price.

At the same time details have emerged of Orange France's sales figures for the first quarter of its iPhone contract. On the face of it overall sales are impressive, at 96,000 but of those 70,000 sold in the first month of availability, meaning that subsequent months have seen sale at around 13,000 a month, well short of the numbers Orange needs to deliver on its initial 400-500k annual sales target.

Put these together and its clear that Apple need to get a 3G European iPhone out of the door very quickly indeed, otherwise their credibility in the telecomms workspace is going to seriously damaged.

HTC Teasing New Device For May Launch In London

HTC aren't renowned for being the tightest operation around when it comes to keeping new devices secret, yet the tease for its London launch early May suggests they have something that hasn't yet been scooped.

I'm hoping it will herald the arrival of the Universal replacing, and much rumoured Omni. But I'm not holding my breath...

HP Releases 'Not a UMPC' Mini

HP's entry into the low-cost super small laptop market is sure to make UMPC manufactures sit up and pay close attention, as its small, light and packs a keyboard and proper expansion into a UMPC-sized (aluminium) shell albeit at the expense of a touchscreen.

Of course the Mini 2133 has to overcome HTC Shift syndrome and beat the size/functionality compromise which has defeated so many others.

Another potential issue could be the EeePC from Asus. Whilst not yet having Windows (something the Mini packs from day 1) the Eee has sold fantasically well, which begs the question: Is there anybody left out there who would find this a must-have purchase?

Ouch, Wired Dumps On HTC's Shift

There's something quite saddening about seeing a much anticipated device getting totally trashed on its first appearance, but that's what has happened to HTC's Vista/Windows CE hybrid, dual function Shift.

Wired magazine's review is pretty unequivacal, calling the Shift on almost all fronts.

Which isn't that surprising if you look at the specs - its a UMPC and, as we've seen in the past, the 7" screen format just doesn't work - its not portable enough to justify the small keyboard/touchscreen vectoring compromises necessary to carry one.