Palm OS Is Dead?

PDA247 is one of my regular visits, its a good place for news and today's article by Shaun McGill really emphahsises a theme that's becoming more and more prevalent: Palm OS is Dead. For those who don't know the origins of PDA247 are buried deep in the depths of the PalmOS, as Clieworld, so these guys are usually quite kind about Palm.

I'm afraid when Palm start losing these sorts of people they've reached the end of the road. Palm OS ruled the roost as recently as five years ago, yet now most sane people won't go near it. So far out of date that its laughable, Palm OS can't even handle the simple requirements of a relatively simple smartphone, never mind anything advanced. Palm's best devices run Windows Mobile and even they are some way behind the competition.

Anyone comparing a Treo to an iPhone or a modern Windows Mobile device, would peg the former as a relic of years gone by. And lets be honest, the Treo has barely advanced since Palm's takeover of Handspring.

Palm blew the Lifedrive, which could have conceivably been an iPod competitor, through some seriously stupid penny pinching. The T|5 went the same way. Even today I'd be surprised if the T|X or Centros are completely stupidity free.

Palm's best hope for the future will be to become platform agnostic, throw away the accountants that have bedevilled its products for far too long and return to releasing great devices, whether they be WM, Symbian or Android based. Any other road is littered with traps on the way to financial ruin.


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