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Travelling Light

This comes up time and time again. Gadget freak plans to go away and packs their kit bag with so much technology that it would have been easier, cheaper and at lot lighter to have carried the whole bundle as an analogue kit.No-one needs to take two laptops on holiday, a selection of PDAs isn't essential travelware and there's really no need to carry a PMP, games console and dedicated ebook reader as well.If you're really planning on travelling light then your gear should fit into a pocket or a couple of pockets worst case.Which devices you deem necessary really comes from the type of excursion you're planning. For example if you're planning a safari then a smartphone's camera probably isn't going to be up to the job. The smartphone is essential though, so why not pick one with a decent screen and add a large memory card, eliminating the need for a PMP, ebook reader and games console in one swoop.My current travelling light pack consists of an HTC TyTn, Noki…