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I've been using the beta version of the new Windows Mobile client for Fring - a program for uniting several IM programs and VOIP apps into one communication tool. These include Skype, MSN and Google Talk; as well as a client for the Twitter social networking site.Its been an interesting couple of weeks trying Fring out, mostly surprise that it works so well (especially compared to Microsoft's client) and shock at how quickly battery life disappears when its running, which is all the time by default in order to maintain network presence.Audio quality is very impressive and integration into the phone is excellent - the application autostarts post-reset and then sits in the background until needed; the call and end keys function as expected within the program and you can even use Fring to manage GSM calls to your contact list.I won't pass any further judgement whilst the program is in beta, but when they launch the final Windows Mobile client I will definitely be back for a m…